Committed To Positive Outcomes

I am Barbara J. Katzenberg, an attorney practicing in the field of family law since 1990. I work to obtain positive outcomes for both men and women in the areas of divorce, child custody, property division and other family law matters.

In this work, I have a variety of resources that I can draw upon. I am a skilled negotiator, conduct mediation sessions and vigorously litigate to achieve my clients' goals. I also work with a network of professionals in the areas of child psychology, business valuation, tax accounting and other disciplines when the need arises.

My Background

Since my years in college, where I studied child development, I have had a strong interest in the well-being of children. This motivated me to obtain a master's degree in Social Work. As a social worker in New Jersey, I handled many cases involving families in crisis and other challenging matters. After graduating from Boston College Law School in 1990, I worked for several years as a lawyer for the Department of Revenue's Child Support Enforcement Division, where my work included the prosecution of criminal non-support cases.

More information about my background and experience can be viewed at the link below.

My Commitment To Each Client

As a solo practitioner, I work directly with each client. I take the time needed to understand the client's situation and examine possible solutions. During my consultations, I explain the legal issues in the case, the client's legal options and the potential risks and rewards of those options.

Each client has the confidence of knowing that I am fully committed to achieving his or her goals and protecting his or her interests.

Contact A Lawyer Today

To schedule a consultation with Barbara J. Katzenberg, Attorney at Law, call 508-471-3281 or send an e-mail. I serve clients throughout the Metro West and Central Massachusetts area from my office in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts.