Is Your Divorce Uncontested?

During the breakup of a marriage — when you are experiencing feelings of anger, frustration and anxiety — you need an attorney who will assertively protect your rights and interests, but who will also focus on helping you make a successful transition into life after divorce.

At my practice, Barbara J. Katzenberg, Attorney at Law, I help both men and women through the uncontested divorce process in Massachusetts.

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Every divorce is unique. Therefore, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers different options for couples to proceed through divorce. Generally, an uncontested divorce will either be filed as a 1A Divorce or a 1B Divorce:

  • 1A Divorce: Uncontested divorce where the parties to the divorce file a joint petition. The petition includes the negotiated divorce settlement agreement, which includes how marital property will be divided, how child custody will be shared, what alimony/spousal support will be arranged (if any) and any other issues. There is no plaintiff or defendant.
  • 1B Divorce: Uncontested divorce where one party files the divorce complaint and the other party responds. This is Massachusetts no-fault divorce where both parties agree that the marriage is broken down and they work together to negotiate a divorce settlement, each being represented by his or her own divorce attorney. Once party may file a 1B and the parties may agree that the marriage is broken, but the parties may be unable to reach a final agreement which means the matter may be litigated before a judge.

Obtain An Uncontested Divorce Through Negotiation Or Mediation

Even when conflict exists between the parties to a divorce, a successful uncontested divorce can be obtained if both parties are willing to work together. This usually involves a negotiated solution designed to resolve all outstanding issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. I also provide mediation services that can provide a win-win outcome with minimum emotional turmoil. When necessary, I will litigate assertively to achieve my clients' goals and protect their rights.

Your Future Is Important

I always caution clients from relying on the advice of family and friends, because every divorce is unique. I will work to develop a personalized solution that helps you overcome your current difficulties — and that enables you to move forward after divorce in a positive manner.

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