Need To Appeal A Divorce Or Family Law Decision?

I always advise my clients that in taking an appeal on a family law dispute you are placing the ultimate outcome of your divorce or custody case in the hands of a judge. You may not get the result you are seeking. While you can choose to appeal the decision rendered by the judge, it is important to realize that a family law appeal is an extremely long, arduous and expensive process. However, I recognize that some issues are worth fighting — especially when your future and the future of your children depend on it.

To discuss your options for moving forward with an appeal, contact my Worcester family law office and schedule an initial consultation.

Honest Assessment Of Your Case

When we meet about your family law case, I will learn the details of your divorce, child custody or property division dispute. I will meticulously review the court transcript in order to identify if there are legal grounds for an appeal. Not every family law decision can be appealed. There must be a clear violation in an area of law or a clear abuse of discretionary power. After thoroughly reviewing your case, I provide an honest, informative assessment of your case. I provide you with your options for moving forward and help you weigh the options, taking everything into consideration, including your budget — is an appeal cost-effective?

Experienced Guidance Through Post-Judgment Appeals

The appellate process is very technical, rule-oriented and unforgiving. When filing an appeal, it is important that your lawyer adhere strictly to these rules and procedures. When preparing your appeal, I pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your appeal is filed in compliance. I perform intensive research to identify strong legal support for your appellate issue and clearly demonstrate how the trial court erred in its interpretation of the law. My experience drafting appellate briefs and presenting oral arguments is an asset to clients pursuing a family court appeal in Massachusetts.

In addition to initiating or defending against post-judgment appeals, I also represent clients in interlocutory appeals of temporary custody orders and other temporary family court orders. I recognize the time-sensitivity of these matters and act promptly to assert my client's interests.

Contact An Attorney

To discuss your case with a skilled divorce and family law appeals attorney, call 508-471-3281 or send an e-mail to schedule an initial consultation with Barbara J. Katzenberg, Attorney at Law. I serve clients throughout the Metro West and Central Massachusetts area from my office in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts.