Success Stories

F. V. F :

After allegations of child sexual abuse made by the Wife against the Husband were unsubstantiated, I was able to successfully obtain full joint legal and physical custody of the child for my client.

A. v. A.:After the fourteen year old boy left the mother's custody and went to live with the father for over a year, following several days of trial in which I successfully proved that it was in the child's best interest to return to the mother's custody, I prevailed in convincing the Judge to order that the child be returned to the custody of the mother.
In the Matter of B:

After several months of litigation, I was able to get the biological mother to agree to an open adoption of the child who had been living most of his life with his father and step mother.

D v DOR:Fourteen years after the entry of a default Paternity Judgment, I was successful in obtaining an order vacating the original judgment after discovering that my client was not the biological father of a child that he had never seen.
G. v. G.:Fearing that the drug addicted Husband would not be able to pay ongoing child support, I was able to negotiate a substantial buy out of a marital home in favor of my client (the Wife) so that she could obtain a greater portion of the liquid assets as a payment of future child support.
H. v. H.:After a trial on the merits, I was able to obtain a substantial alimony award in favor of my client, the Husband, from the Wife who had been the substantial wage earner during the marriage.
S. v. F:In this relatively high profile case where the parties both had complicated and substantial assets and investments, I was able to work closely with other tax and real estate experts to assist me in negotiating a detailed and complex marital settlement agreement.