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Massachusetts divorce mediation Q and A, conclusion

Over the last couple of weeks this column has answered some questions that Massachusetts residents may have about how mediation works. This week will be the conclusion of the divorce mediation Q and A topic. Those who have more questions or need information specific to their particular circumstances may speak to an experienced family law attorney who will be able to provide the answers needed.

Question number one for this week is: A typical mediation session lasts how long? This may be different for everyone. Typically, though, mediation sessions tend to last two to five hours. It all really depends on how much is accomplished during the session, how much time each party has to meet and how often sessions can be scheduled -- if more than one is necessary.

Question number two for the week is: Are agreements made in mediation a matter of public record? No. If a couple goes to court to litigate their divorce, the information shared there may be open to the public. Matters discussed and agreements made in mediation, however, are kept confidential.

Question number three for this week is: Mediation is not working, now what? There are some couples who simply cannot come to agreeable terms using the mediation process. That is okay. There may be other dispute resolution methods that will work better. If all else fails, litigation is always possible as well.

Divorce mediation can be a great alternative to the tradition dissolution methods. It is not for everyone, however. Massachusetts residents who are preparing to divorce and are thinking about going this route can speak to an experienced family law attorney in order to determine if mediation would suit their needs.

Source:, "Mediation FAQs", Accessed on July 18. 2017

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