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Massachusetts child support: What is the PIP program?

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue works diligently to ensure children are receiving the financial support owed them by their parents. The sad reality is, many parents who are ordered to pay child support fail to do so. Enforcement options are in place that allow the DOR to intercept money meant for the parent and transfer it to the children. The payment intercept program is one way that the DOR does this.

Placed on disability, a child support order still stands

When health reasons prevent a person from working, he or she may qualify for disability benefits. The amount one receives may be somewhat limited, but it should be enough to live on. What some Massachusetts residents may struggle with is paying child support while on this limited income. They think being placed on disability means that their child support orders are invalidated, but that is simply not true.

Why can the state put child support payments on hold?

When a parent is doing what he or she can to provide financial support for his or her children, it can be infuriating to see the state hold funds and not release them for an extended period of time. Why is it that the state of Massachusetts can put a hold on child support payments? Can this be avoided?

Man who lied about income to avoid child support caught

Providing the money one's children need to cover basic necessities and some extra expenses can be challenging for many parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Numerous individuals who know they will have to pay child support following the end of a marriage or relationship may be concerned that the amount they are ordered to pay will be too much for them to keep up with or more than is really necessary to cover their children's needs. For these individuals, it may be tempting to fudge their income numbers so they do not have to pay too much, but doing this can have significant consequences.

A woman's search for child support landed her in jail

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make sure one's children are provided for. Unfortunately, many custodial parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere find collecting child support to be much harder than it should be. Those ordered to pay may lack income or have a number of other reasons as they why they believe they shouldn't have to pay up. What can custodial parents do when child support is not being paid?

Post-divorce finances and kids' higher education

Numerous parents in Massachusetts would love to help their children pay for college someday. Unfortunately, divorce can affect finances and make such a goal seem almost impossible. Can anything be done to ensure money is there for college, even when dealing with post-divorce financial issues?

Child support and the out-of-country parent

In today's world, people can live and work just about anywhere. Following divorce or separation from a significant other, this means that one may be dealing with issues that have to take international laws into consideration. A recent case in another state regarding child support and an out-of-country parent may be of interest to Massachusetts residents who find themselves in similar circumstances. 

When you want a child support adjustment but your ex does not

Following a divorce or separation that involves children, one parent is likely to be ordered to pay child support. That order of support will stand until either the affected children reach adulthood or a child support adjustment is sought. If only one parent wants to change up the terms of a support order, he or she must file the appropriate motion in a Massachusetts court.

Problems at the DOR causing child support issues

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has been in the press quite a bit lately -- and not for anything good. Not only did a data breach occur, affecting 39,000 business owners, but an issue in the system has also caused the department to fail in delivering child support payments this year to a number of parents who are supposed to be receiving such funds. Here is what is known about these issues thus far.

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