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How will I receive child support?

Being the primary custody holder of one's children can leave one financially strapped. Child support is generally ordered to make sure children's needs continue to be met when parents split up. How should support-receiving parents in Massachusetts expect to get their funds?

Contract job income and child support

More Americans are turning to contract jobs for full or part-time employment. Some go this route in order to gain some freedom and others do it for the extra cash it can offer. While contract jobs can be a good thing, in terms of child support it can make figuring out and obtaining a fair support order rather difficult for the receiving parent. How does the state of Massachusetts treat contract income in terms of child support?

Dean McDermott on the hook for not paying child support, again

Some people cannot catch a break, it seems. When it comes to family law matters, such as conflicts over child support, celebrities have it pretty bad because their personal business is often splashed all over the news. Whether Massachusetts residents like such stories or not, there is something that can be learned from them.

Consequences for not paying child support

Failing to financially support one's child can have pretty significant consequences. Massachusetts and all other states have child support enforcement options available that, if utilized, really can affect an individual personally and professionally. Those who are struggling to meet their child support obligations can take steps to resolve the issue long before any enforcement actions are taken.

How to collect child support when the paying parent is unemployed

In Massachusetts, as in other states, orders of financial support for children are created based on the incomes of both parents at the time the support is requested. There is always hope that the initial child support order will be sufficient, but life is always changing, and there are no guarantees that the paying parent will be able to continue making the support payment as written. For example, how does one collect support funds from a parent who loses his or her job?

Can extracurriculars be covered with child support?

A lot of parents in Massachusetts do what they can to help their children grow and develop their talents. This is why so many children are involved in quite a few extracurricular activities. These, of course, come at a cost that can be quite substantial. Can extracurriculars be covered with child support?

When can a child support order be terminated?

Providing for one's child is simply a parental responsibility. It is understandable, though, for one who is ordered to pay child support to wonder at what point this obligation will end. Every state has set certain guidelines regarding the termination of child support. Here is what Massachusetts laws have to say on the matter.

Increasing child support for medical issues

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, when a support amount is set by the court it is determined by one's circumstances at the time the order was requested. What happens, though, if there is a change in circumstances that effects the monetary needs for a child? Can a current child support order be modified?

Child support is not just extra money for the receiving parent

Numerous parents in Massachusetts pay or receive monetary support as part of their divorce agreements. Child support can be used in many ways, as long as it benefits one's children. Unfortunately, there are those parents who misuse funds. What can a paying parent do if he or she believes funds are not being used correctly?

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