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When is it okay to seek an alimony adjustment?

When spousal support is included in a divorce settlement, both parties may feel that what is ordered is what they have to live with. Many Massachusetts residents are not aware that alimony orders can be modified under the right circumstances. When is it okay to seek an alimony adjustment?

Alimony an issue in gray divorces, particularly for women

The number of couples who are divorcing while in their 50s or even older is growing. For women who have not been in the workforce ever, or for a long time, divorce right before retirement years can be frightening. Some may think that they will have alimony to rely on, but the truth is, there is no guarantee that it will be offered or enough if it is. A lot of older women in Massachusetts and elsewhere who are recently divorced are finding themselves having to go to work just to make ends meet.

Can an alimony order be changed or canceled?

Following a divorce, it is not completely uncommon for one party to need spousal support to help him or her get back on his or her feet financially. The state of Massachusetts allows the awarding of alimony, usually on a temporary basis. After an alimony order is issued, one might think that it will be in place as is written until the term is up. The truth is, these plans can be modified or even canceled under the right circumstances.

What types of alimony does Massachusetts allow?

Every state has different spousal support laws. This week, this column will address the different types of alimony recognized by the state of Massachusetts. This is not something that is applicable in every divorce case, but for those who do qualify for spousal support, it can drastically improve their post-divorce financial situations.

New alimony laws could affect peoples' retirement savings

After the new tax laws regarding spousal support were announced earlier this year, it is hard to go a week without hearing how it will affect people if they do not finalize their divorces by year's end. Under current tax laws, those paying alimony -- whether they reside in Massachusetts or elsewhere -- are permitted to use it as a deduction on their taxes, while those receiving it have to report it as income. For those who divorce in 2019, that is going to change.

Have questions about alimony?

When getting a divorce, it is normal to have questions. There is a lot at stake, and you just want to make sure you understand everything that is happening and are making the best decisions for you. One area of divorce that Massachusetts residents may have questions about is alimony. Who gets it and how much is not always cut and dry.

Can I seek alimony post divorce?

It is not uncommon for Massachusetts residents to rush through the divorce process. In doing so, things may be left out of the final dissolution settlement that would help one in post-divorce life -- such as alimony. If one's divorce judgment failed to address spousal support, it may still be possible to achieve it with a post-decree alimony request. 

Not receiving your alimony payments?

You went through the divorce process. As part of your settlement, your ex was ordered to pay alimony to you for a set period of time. He or she made payments for a few months and then they stopped. If you are not receiving your court-ordered spousal support, the state of Massachusetts allows you to utilize enforcement options in order to get paid.

An alimony dispute could land actor John Schneider in jail

Actor John Schneider is known for his role in the Dukes of Hazard. However, he has also been seen in several other shows, written and directed several stories and films, and even had a successful music career. Through his hard work, he was able to provide a good living for himself and his wife -- a life he was expected to help her maintain following their divorce in 2014. A recent alimony dispute could land John behind bars, however. This is a fate anyone in Massachusetts or elsewhere who fails to make support payments could share.

Is spousal support a guarantee?

When going through a divorce in Massachusetts or elsewhere, some individuals may think that they are entitled to receive alimony. They may be shocked to learn that this is not always the case. The awarding of spousal support is never a guaranteed thing.

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