When A Divorce Decree Needs To Be Changed

After a divorce decree has been issued, it may be necessary to re-visit one or more of the various issues included in that decree.

At my practice, Barbara J. Katzenberg, Attorney at Law, I help my clients obtain modifications that reflect substantial changes in their circumstances. These modifications can enable my clients to better cope with the evolving financial and family realities they face.

I help clients throughout Worcester and Massachusetts obtain post-decree modifications in:

  • Child support
  • Child visitation and parenting plans
  • Educational expenses
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Other financial disputes

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Routine Modifications

Some post-divorce modification matters are relatively routine. For example, a significant increase or decrease in the salary of a parent may require a modification in the required level of child support. In many cases, I can go to court for you to obtain such modifications in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Achieving other types of modifications can be more complex, yet still achievable with some work, depending on the attitude of your ex-spouse. As a child enters the teenage years, his or her educational and personal needs may require a change in custody or parenting schedules. In this situation, I may be able to negotiate a mutually acceptable post-divorce modification in the child visitation order with your ex-spouse's attorney.

Not-So-Routine Modifications

Some types of modifications present greater challenges. A proposed parental relocation of a parent with primary physical custody almost always results in litigation. This type of modification is very difficult to achieve due to the attitude of Massachusetts courts, but it may be possible in some circumstances. Another situation that can present challenges is when a parent has hidden income and tries to dodge his or her responsibility for child support. In this situation, I can work with a forensic accountant who can identify income for the purposes of obtaining and modifying child support.

In my practice, I have handled a wide range of post-divorce modification matters, both routine and not-so-routine. I can evaluate your situation and provide you with a realistic understanding of the process ahead.

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