A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

Family Law Services For Out-Of-State Clients

Many times, an out-of-state parent or ex-spouse may need to hire a Massachusetts lawyer to handle post-divorce or other family law issues, such as modifications, enforcements and other issues. My practice, Barbara J. Katzenberg, Attorney at Law, is tailored to meet the family law needs of clients throughout the Metro West and Central Massachusetts area, as well as clients residing in other states. I have successfully represented clients in California, Arizona, Rhode Island, New York, Nevada, Connecticut, New Jersey, Colorado and other states who have had family issues to deal with in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As an experienced, compassionate and skilled divorce and child custody lawyer, I provide comprehensive family law services for out-of-state clients:

  • Paternity or child support matters: Including initiating or responding to a paternity action to establish parentage and resulting child support and visitation rights
  • Post-decree modifications: Including initiating or contesting modifications of child support, modifications of child custody and visitation, and modifications of spousal support/alimony
  • Post-decree enforcement: Including initiating or responding to enforcement actions, including child custody and visitation enforcement, child support enforcement, spousal support enforcement and any other divorce decree enforcement

Why Hire A Massachusetts Family Law Attorney?

When Massachusetts has jurisdiction over your divorce or child custody case, it is beneficial to hire an attorney who is experienced and familiar with the rules and procedures within the commonwealth court system. Not only do I have extensive experience and skill representing clients in Massachusetts’ family courts, but also I am experienced in representing clients who are not current residents of Massachusetts. I strive to make the process as simple, efficient and smooth as possible for you — corresponding via email or telephone so that you never need to travel to Massachusetts to get your questions answered or for a status update on your case.

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