A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

Could Mediation Work In Your Divorce?

Statistics show that individuals are more likely to adhere to the divorce agreement when they have had a hand in devising the agreement. Additionally, individuals who successfully mediate their divorce prepare themselves for more effective conflict resolution in the years following the divorce. This characteristic will be beneficial for parents attempting to share custody.

As a member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Law Mediation and an experienced family law attorney, I will serve as the facilitator, negotiator, educator and drafter of all legal agreements during your mediation.

For couples who would prefer to resolve their conflicts through mediation and negotiation, I offer mediation services to prospective clients at an affordable hourly rate. Contact Worcester divorce mediation attorney Barbara J. Katzenberg to schedule an initial consultation.

Facilitating A Respectful, Amicable Divorce Agreement

As a facilitator and experienced negotiator, and having been specifically and formally trained in divorce mediation, I have successfully mediated contentious divorces since 2002. Divorce mediation offers clients an opportunity to create their own agreements at the direction of a skilled mediator.

As an attorney mediator, I don’t represent either side of a dispute, but I am able to provide clients with all the information that they need to reach a comprehensive agreement on matters involving child custody and property division — including complex property division that often arises in a high-asset divorce. I work together with each party to bring all the information to the table to be fully disclosed. I then draft all the required documents needed for filing with the court for a 1A uncontested divorce. I also provide filing instructions to assist parties so that they can file the completed documents with the court.

Self-Paced, Controlled, Divorce Solutions

Mediation is much more affordable than divorce litigation, especially when litigation becomes contentious. Instead of each party paying a large retainer to each of their respective lawyers, you only need to pay my hourly fee at the end of each session. There is no need for a retainer fee. This allows you to control the financial pace of your divorce.

In divorce mediation, you control the outcome. I will help you create an agreement that memorializes all the details you need to move forward. Your agreement will certainly be tailor-made to your needs, which is always better than leaving the details of your divorce up to a judge. Mediating your initial agreement often paves the way for a less contentious relationship going forward, which is imperative when you have children together. You will not be disappointed in this process.

Attorney Services In The Midst Of Your Divorce Mediation

While the goal of mediation is to reach and draft an agreement that fully reflects each party’s interests, I generally advise each side to confer with a lawyer to obtain legal advice tailored to their individual interests. As your neutral third-party mediator, I cannot provide legal advice through the process. Rather, I provide all the information needed for clients to work out an agreement. However, if you are in the process of mediating your divorce through another trained mediator, I invite you to contact me to discuss your concerns and review the negotiated divorce settlement agreement.

Questions About Divorce Mediation? Contact An Experienced Lawyer.

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