A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

When Property Division Gets Complex

What you do during the divorce process can affect your life for years to come. This is especially true when it comes to property settlement. A fair settlement that protects your rights and assets can lay the groundwork for a successful transition to life after divorce.

At my practice, Barbara J. Katzenberg, Attorney at Law, I help clients throughout Worcester County achieve property settlements that are fair and practical and preserve the assets they are entitled to receive. I have particular experience in high-asset divorce cases involving closely held businesses and other complex asset valuation issues.

Call me at 508-471-3281 or send an email to arrange for a consultation. I can discuss the unique issues that your situation presents and describe the steps I can take to secure your financial future.

Committed To Protecting Your Rights And Assets

High-asset divorce cases present many of the same legal and financial issues that other cases do, with some important differences. In a high-asset divorce case, there are more assets at stake. These assets may be liquid or with identifiable balances and therefore easily divided, but more likely the assets are tied up in a family-owned business or are not so easily identified and valued.

In working to achieve a property settlement for you, I will carefully analyze your financial situation as well as your long-term goals. I often use the services of accountants, tax advisers, business valuation specialists and other financial professionals. These experts can provide insights of value during settlement negotiations, or testimony should the case go to litigation.

My goal in your case will be to achieve a property division that protects your rights and places you in a strong financial position. While a secure financial future does not assure happiness, it can provide a foundation upon which to build a new life for yourself and your children.

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To schedule a consultation with Barbara J. Katzenberg, Attorney at Law, about a high-asset divorce case, call 508-471-3281 or send an email. I serve clients throughout Worcester County from my office in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts.