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Positive Outcomes Through Mediation

Mediation can be a way for individuals to work together to create an out-of-court agreement concerning divorce, post-divorce and other family law issues. It can be a way to resolve conflict in a confidential and less expensive manner than traditional divorce litigation. The skills of an experienced mediator are necessary to help facilitate a comprehensive agreement to present to a family court judge for approval.

I am Barbara J. Katzenberg, a family law attorney and experienced Worcester mediation lawyer who understands the mediation process and how to work with people going through divorce mediation. Call 508-471-3281 for answers to your questions about mediation or to schedule a mediation session.

Win-Win Solutions Tailored To Your Family

Many people are seeking less expensive ways to resolve their divorce. Mediation is a way for you and the other party to create your own divorce agreement, tailored to fit your needs. Unless you hire an attorney to represent you individually during mediation, you and your spouse will be able to split the costs of the mediation.

As a member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Law Mediation and an experienced family law attorney, I will serve as the facilitator, negotiator, educator and drafter of all legal agreements during your mediation.

In addition to providing divorce mediation services, I handle post-divorce and family law mediation. These matters can involve issues such as modifications and paternity.

From The Beginning To The End Of Your Mediation

As a former social worker and an experienced family law attorney, I understand the importance of creating a flexible and workable agreement in your divorce.

As the mediator, part of my job includes helping participants gather the necessary information about income, asset portfolios and all other financial information necessary to create a thorough and comprehensive agreement. This often requires several meetings with me, where you, the other party and I will work through each important issue together. These issues include:

If necessary, I will direct you to professionals — such as accountants, business valuators, appraisers and therapists — who can provide helpful information needed to reach a final agreement.

Affordable Hourly Rate — No Retainer Required

Each mediation session is billed at a reasonable hourly rate, with no retainer or minimum number of billable hours required. Before starting a mediation session, you will know approximately how much that session will cost.

When you and your spouse come to an agreement, I will make sure that all the issues are addressed in a manner that will be satisfactory for a family court judge’s approval.

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