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Experienced And Compassionate Family Law Representation

Divorce and other family law matters are some of the most difficult and emotionally draining legal issues most people will face in their entire lives. It is important to have someone on your side who is experienced in navigating these matters and achieving results, minimizing time, costs and emotional conflict.

I am Barbara J. Katzenberg, and I am committed to representing spouses and families throughout Worcester County, Massachusetts, providing the legal solutions they need to resolve these deeply personal matters.

Handling All Facets Of Family Law

As your lawyer, I will represent you and your interests in whatever family law matter you may face, including:

  • Divorce I provide divorce representation that is tailored to your needs. I can serve as your advocate in either contested or uncontested divorce.
  • Property division The outcome of this aspect of your divorce will have a huge impact on your financial stability and comfort as you move forward.
  • Child custody — Your relationship with your child is your priority, and I will work hard to protect your child custody rights, whether in a divorce-related matter or paternity action.
  • Child and spousal support Child support is based on a formula that factors in income, lifestyle and needs of the child. Spousal support is granted in some situations and is dependent on the duration of the marriage, earning potential of both spouses, the ability of the paying spouse and the need of the receiving spouse.
  • Family law appeals Appealing a family law decree handed down by a judge can be a difficult and expensive task, but if you must appeal, I will zealously represent your interests.

I also handle all family law matters that are not related to marriage, including paternity actions, adoptions and more.

I have the knowledge and skill to represent all parties in a family law case, including nontraditional families and out-of-state clients.

Experience Your Family Can Rely On

No matter what family law issue you are facing, I have the experience and compassionate services you need on your side during this difficult time.

To schedule an initial consultation with me, please call my office today at 508-471-3281 or contact me online.