A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

Going To Battle For You And Your Child

When a primary custodial parent wishes to relocate to another state or geographic region and bring the child with him or her, the other parent has a right to be informed of this intention and to object. These child custody cases can become highly contentious.

Representing Both Fathers And Mothers

I am Barbara J. Katzenberg, an experienced child custody attorney with a record of success in both bringing and opposing custody and removal (also called a move-away or relocation) cases in Massachusetts. In taking your case, I will work to achieve your goals and outcomes that are in the best interest of your child.

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Child Custody And Removal (Move-Away) Cases

It may be possible to negotiate a settlement in custody disputes and removal (move-away) cases, but litigation may often be required. In Massachusetts, the standard that determines the outcome of all child custody and visitation matters is “the best interest of the child.” Courts do have the discretionary power to decide cases, though they are bound by case law and statute. They are naturally reluctant to deny parental custody or visitation rights, but they will do so when they are convinced that it is in the best interest of the child.

In order for the court to approve an out-of-state relocation of the child, the custodial parent must demonstrate that there is “real advantage” to the child being removed from the state. It is also important to demonstrate how the child will continue to maintain a relationship with the other parent after relocating out of state. Among many other factors, the court will also consider the intentions of the move, and if the parent’s motivations for the move are legitimate, such as when a parent must relocate for a job, or ill-willed, such as when a parent wishes to relocate merely to deprive the other parent.

As your child custody attorney, I will work to build a strong and persuasive case that achieves your goals. I offer skilled representation to parents pursuing an out-of-state move as well as parents contesting such a move. I also provide caring guidance through custody and visitation modifications that are typically necessary in child removal cases.

A Realistic Assessment Of Your Case

Some people have unrealistic expectations about the result they expect to get in a contested child relocation or removal (parental move-away) dispute. I am always careful to explain the realities that my client faces. Yes, there is the possibility of success in such cases. But in taking up a custody dispute, you are placing the ultimate outcome in the hands of a judge. You may not get the result you are seeking.

I will evaluate your situation and your goals, and provide you with an honest assessment of your case. This will include a discussion of the potential risks and legal costs of your case. If your case has merit and you wish to proceed, I will work vigorously to achieve your goals.

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