A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

Are you prepared for the impact of divorce on career?

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Our Massachusetts readers will probably agree that divorce, no matter how friendly, can be a difficult transition. It can be made less difficult with the assistance of legal and other professionals who can help navigate the stormy seas and watch out for dangerous shoals.

That being said, there is one thing that Massachusetts divorce attorneys, marriage counselors and mediators may agree upon: divorce can have an impact on one’s career — either positive or negative. A recent news article points out the ways in which careers can be impacted.

On the positive side, someone who has been bumping along in a career and unwilling to make a move when there is emotional turmoil at home, can use the divorce as an opportunity to break free and start a new business or switch careers. The focus of one’s life can be career rather than trying to save a marriage.

Also on the positive side, there may be no reason not to take an out-of-state job or relocate for career advancement.

On the negative side, employers are sometimes dragged into divorce proceedings if there are subpoena’s related to employment. Or the stress and emotional drain can leave one less focused on work which could impact job performance and perhaps promotions.

Also on the negative side, if divorce comes after many years, a person could be required to start over in a career as a 50-year-old which can be difficult.

The consensus of the advice seemed to be that the time to consider the impact of divorce on career could be when one is getting married, rather than when one is getting divorced.

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