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July 2017 Archives

Does mental health play a role in custody dispute cases?

Many families can face considerable issues that need to be addressed. For parents who are divorced, a custody dispute can prove particularly contentious, and individuals may find themselves having to handle predicaments that they feel do not have a place in the proceedings. For instance, Massachusetts residents may be interested in one out-of-state man's current situation involving his PTSD diagnosis and a custody battle.

Consider retirement needs when negotiating a divorce agreement

Most Massachusetts residents spend a large portion of their working years thinking about retirement. They may set aside a significant sum of money to fund their later years, or make plans that include spending time with loved ones, travel or pursuing hobbies. However, divorce can throw a wrench in those plans, and a divorce agreement that does not carefully consider retirement needs can lead to financial turmoil.

Massachusetts divorce mediation Q and A, conclusion

Over the last couple of weeks this column has answered some questions that Massachusetts residents may have about how mediation works. This week will be the conclusion of the divorce mediation Q and A topic. Those who have more questions or need information specific to their particular circumstances may speak to an experienced family law attorney who will be able to provide the answers needed.

Massachusetts divorce mediation Q and A, part II

Last week this column addressed two common questions that Massachusetts residents may have about mediation. As promised, this week's column will add to that and go over a few more questions that some may want answered before pursing divorce mediation. Those who need more detail than what is shared here can speak to an experienced family law attorney in order to get their questions answered.

Massachusetts divorce mediation Q and A, part I

Figuring out the best way to go about one's divorce can be a challenge. Some couples in Massachusetts may want to go the traditional route and go to court to settle their issues, while others may be interested in an alternative approach. Divorce mediation can be a great alternative, but it is difficult for a couple to choose this route if they do not know enough about it. Over the next several weeks, this column will work to answer some of the common questions couples have about the mediation process.

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