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Massachusetts fathers support child custody reform legislation

Child custody battles in Massachusetts sometimes end up being a battle between spouses, with proper consideration of the interests of the children forgotten. Many parents and lawmakers are supporting legislation that compels judges in a family court to order joint child custody, except in cases where a parent has been deemed unfit. It is the opinion of many that a parent should not have to fight for joint custody. However, critics contend that there should be flexibility in child custody laws to allow for the best interests of the children.

Unmarried fathers' questions about visitation and other rights

When married couples expect a child, the father-to-be is often as involved in the pregnancy as the mother. Unfortunately, unmarried expecting fathers are often denied that involvement. Under Massachusetts laws, the husband of a pregnant woman is regarded as the father of the child, while this is not assumed in the case of an unmarried father. Paternity can only be established after the birth of a child, so unless the mother recognizes a man as the father of her unborn child, without establishing paternity, an unmarried father may not have any legal rights during the pregnancy; however, he may have visitation and other rights if he is the legal father.

Divorce mediation may resolve conflicts in uncontested divorce

Any divorce is bound to be a traumatic experience for the parties and any children involved. Although there is rarely any shortage of advice from family and friends, there is no such thing as a typical divorce case. Those facing divorce proceedings in Massachusetts may find comfort in knowing that Barbara J. Katzenberg is an experienced divorce attorney who is focused on helping her clients achieve a comprehensive and equitable divorce settlement. In some circumstances, alternative dispute resolution options such as divorce mediation may be an appropriate choice. 

Are there any circumstances that will guarantee alimony?

The answer to this question is no, but it may need some clarification. Alimony rules differ from state to state, and ordering alimony in divorce proceedings commonly requires one spouse to prove that he or she needs financial assistance. Even if alimony was addressed in a prenuptial agreement, it might be disputed. If a prenuptial agreement states that no alimony will be paid, it may be awarded if both spouses agree. Massachusetts couples that are considering divorce may want to gain knowledge about the state laws pertaining to alimony.

Mediation may be beneficial in post-divorce conflict resolution

Parents in Massachusetts who chose to utilize the services of a mediator to resolve issues during their divorce may have come away with negotiation skills they did not have before. While this may equip them with the ability to work out everyday issues that may arise after the divorce, additional mediation may be required for conflict resolution when major events occur. These may include serious illness, loss of employment, parental relocation or the remarriage of one parent.

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