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How to gain sole custody in a child custody dispute

The end of marriage is difficult for everyone involved. The process can end quickly if there are few properties and assets to split and no children involved. But, if a couple has minor children, the case can easily turn contentious if each parent decides to fight for custody. Because determining child custody can be an emotionally challenging process, divorcing individuals should fully understand their options so they can avoid adding to the conflict and stress.

When divorce means splitting the family business

The end of a marriage in Massachusetts means that the property and assets acquired during the marriage will need to be divided up. Property division during a divorce can be very complicated. As emotions run high divorcing individuals often commit costly mistakes. This is especially so when ending a marriage also means splitting up the family business. Recently a columnist on a national news site gave some helpful tips that can help people in this situation through the property division process.

Prenuptial agreements can make a difference in same sex divorces

Same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, and just like straight couples, married same-sex couples may also face divorce in their lives. Due to the possibility of divorce, gay couples should consider preparing a prenuptial agreement before entering into a marriage.

Divorce can be settled amicably through divorce mediation

Anyone who goes through divorce is likely to consider it to be one of the most difficult phases in his or her life. Many Massachusetts residents who have been through divorce can no doubt relate to contentious cases in which one or both sides adopts a win-it-all position, which often leaves the couple with bitter feelings toward one another that linger for years.

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