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Matters to consider when same-sex spouses explore surrogacy

Many same-sex couples in Massachusetts wish to have their own children rather than adopting children of other parents. Surrogacy has proved to be the choice of many, but intended parents may be wise not to rush into this process. There are several matters that deserve thorough consideration, and interested same-sex spouses may benefit from gaining clarity on all potential legal issues by consulting with an attorney who is experienced in this field of the law.

Remarriage: How will child support and property use be handled?

When Massachusetts residents decide to remarry following a divorce or the death of a spouse, they will likely be more aware of the importance of proper financial planning before they say I do. There will be matters to address that likely did not come into play in a first marriage. Assets may been accumulated, and if there are children involved, one or both parties may receive child support. The manner in which child support and other matters will be handled may be better addressed prior to the wedding.

Modification sought to modernize Massachusetts child custody laws

Massachusetts lawmakers are challenged to support a proposed bill that some believe would make an enormous difference in the way divorces will affect the dynamics of modern families. While no modifications can eliminate the emotional trauma of a divorce that involves children, the proposers of the modified child custody bill believe the changes will have a positive impact on post-divorce parent-child relationships. It is based on the fact that the majority of modern parents share income responsibilities and should, therefore, share child custody responsibilities and privileges.

Sperm donors: One of the pitfalls for a nontraditional family

Same-sex couples in Massachusetts have several options to choose from when they decide the time is right to start a family. Unfortunately, sometimes a nontraditional family chooses to navigate this process on their own, not realizing that there may be many pitfalls along the way. The laws related to same-sex families using third-parties as surrogates or sperm donors vary in different states, and it may be wise to research the legalities before taking the first step.

Divorce mediation can help with issues re special needs kids

Negotiating a Massachusetts divorce agreement is never easy, regardless of how amicable the separation. Not many people can manage to keep their emotions out of it, especially in matters regarding children. Negotiations related to the best interests of special needs children may present a number of additional hurdles. It is not uncommon for divorcing couples in these circumstances to choose divorce mediation.

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