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When same-sex spouses divorce, there can be complications

Some same-sex couples who fought for the right to marry in Massachusetts and across the country may have been shocked and disappointed to win that right only to have their marriages come to an end. While it may be a sad reality that same-sex spouses have as much chance of divorcing as opposite sex couples, there can be added complications in a same-sex relationship. When these complications arise, it is best to have legal advice in case one's rights are in jeopardy.

Man who lied about income to avoid child support caught

Providing the money one's children need to cover basic necessities and some extra expenses can be challenging for many parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Numerous individuals who know they will have to pay child support following the end of a marriage or relationship may be concerned that the amount they are ordered to pay will be too much for them to keep up with or more than is really necessary to cover their children's needs. For these individuals, it may be tempting to fudge their income numbers so they do not have to pay too much, but doing this can have significant consequences.

What are the goals of divorce mediation?

When getting a divorce, there are a few ways to go about it. It is possible for each party to have their attorneys negotiate terms. It is possible for couples to take their cases to court. Finally, it is possible for couples to take the issue into their own hands and utilize divorce mediation. Why would divorcing couples in Massachusetts choose mediation?

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