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Massachusetts divorce mediation and preparation for the holidays

Couples in Worcester, Massachusetts, may already know that divorce can sometimes result in courtroom litigation. But for couples who intend to end their relationship in a civil manner, divorce mediation may be the answer. Both parties can appoint one divorce mediator who will act as a third party and who will listen objectively to their issues. Then the mediator can help the parties to formulate an agreement that will satisfy both members of the former couple. Spouses may agree on the amount of spousal support, child support and custody and also the division of property. This is more convenient than having two legal representatives and facing court trials that could take a long time.

Handling same-sex divorce in Worcester, Massachusetts

Same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts and in several other states in the United States. In Massachusetts, same-sex spouses are entitled to the same civil right to marry as are heterosexual couples. There are some married couples who end up not getting along. When marital disputes recur within the marriage, the couple often decides to split up, which is difficult for both parties, as the split could cause emotional stress and financial hardships. If the couple has children, divorce can be difficult for them as well. Division of property, alimony and spousal support may also be issues.

How alimony maintains the standard of living in Massachusetts

In Worcester, Massachusetts, divorce can be a devastating experience to couples. Enduring the pain of splitting up proves to be difficult to parents as well as children. There are instances when one partner spent most of their marriage as a stay-at-home parent, taking care of the children, doing the household chores and handling the family budget. Because of these circumstances, the spouse may have a hard time looking for a job due to lack of experience.

Is equal parenting time always best for the child?

Families in Massachusetts may be aware of many of the legal and emotional issues that come with going through a divorce. In particular, when parents deal with child custody, child support or property division, divorcing couples have to make difficult decisions affecting everyone involved.

Making it easier for step-parents to adopt in Massachusetts

In the event of a divorce, a spouse often remarries and a step-parent enters the life of the child. When this occurs, the step-parent may have difficulty dealing with the children. It is also believed that step-parent adoption may occur, but before that, a step-parent needs to learn how to develop a good relationship with the child.

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