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You were issued a child support order, now what?

Financial supporting one's children is every parent's responsibility. This does not change when a couple separates or divorces. When a relationship officially comes to an end, one parent may be ordered to pay child support. If such an order is issued in one's case, applying for child support services offered through the state of Massachusetts Department of Revenue is generally a good idea.

Massachusetts family law: Adoption eligibility guidelines

Wanting to bring a child into one's home is a noble cause. There are a number of reasons to utilize the adoption process. The state of Massachusetts does, however, have strict guidelines when it comes to this family law matter, particularly in regard to who is eligible to adopt and how the adoption process is to work.

Figuring out child custody when your child is a teenager

Being a teenager is difficult. Most adults, if given the opportunity to go back to their teenage years for a do-over, would say no thank you. People are happy to move on from that awkward stage in life. Divorcing parents of teens in the state of Massachusetts need to remember what it was like being that age when dealing with child custody issues. More problems are likely to arise not only when creating parenting plans but when carrying them out -- why?

When is it okay to seek an alimony adjustment?

When spousal support is included in a divorce settlement, both parties may feel that what is ordered is what they have to live with. Many Massachusetts residents are not aware that alimony orders can be modified under the right circumstances. When is it okay to seek an alimony adjustment?

2 things parents may not know about child support

Very little about the divorce process is easy, especially if a couple has children. Figuring out child custody and support issues can be a tremendous burden as not all parents agree on what is best for their kids. When it comes particularly to child support, there are two things that all divorced or divorcing parents in Massachusetts should know.

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