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A pet custody dispute can be addressed in divorce mediation

It was reported that one in five divorcing couples has pet-related issues to address. Many people love their pets and would prefer to handle pet custody in a similar way as child custody while the courts still regard pets as property. It is, for this reason, customary for a judge to order a divorcing couple to resolve a pet custody dispute themselves.

What can be expected from effective divorce mediation?

In order to avoid the trauma and stress that is often associated with divorce, more and more couples are considering mediation as an option. It is often found that mediation enables couples to work through all contentious issues in an amicable way that would not be possible without professional assistance. Massachusetts couples may be unsure of what divorce mediation is intended to accomplish and what to expect of a mediator.

Can you get temporary spousal support until divorce is finalized?

When Massachusetts couples decide to file for divorce, it is only the first step in a process that may take many months or longer to finalize. There are many important matters that cannot be put on ice and need to be addressed when the parties separate. The family court may issue a temporary spousal support order, along with a temporary child support order to enable one parent to maintain proper care of the children, the household and other family matters during the time leading up to the final divorce decree.

What is the purpose of alimony or spousal support?

A divorce can have an unfair financial effect on one or both spouses in Massachusetts and elsewhere. It is not uncommon for one spouse to give up his or her career in order to provide full-time care for the couple's children. In other cases, one spouse may have a much higher income than the other spouse, and alimony or spousal support payments may ensure an equal lifestyle for both spouses.

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