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Joint legal and physical child custody may present problems

While many divorcing couples in Massachusetts manage to resolve child custody issues, often by utilizing the services of attorneys and mediators, some are not able to reach agreements that would suit both parents and children. When this is the case, the family court may have to make these decisions on behalf of the parents. Regardless of the wishes of the parents, a judge will base child custody and visitation decisions on the best interests of the children.

Same-sex spouses appeal rulings for parenting time for donors

When a baby is born to a legally married lesbian or gay couple in Massachusetts, one would presume the couple to be the legal parents of the child, regardless of whether the pregnancy resulted from sperm donation, artificial insemination or surrogacy. However, that is not always the case legally, as one set of same-sex spouses in another state found. Unless certain criteria are met, nothing prevents a donor or surrogate from claiming parentage or seeking visitation rights on the grounds of his or her biological connection. 

Renner's soon-to-be ex-wife wants primary physical child custody

Similar to most Massachusetts mothers, many celebrity mothers are concerned about the best interests of their children. When actress and model Sonni Pacheco filed for a divorce from "Mission Impossible 5" star Jeremy Renner in December of last year, the couple had not even had their first wedding anniversary. They share a 22-month-old daughter who is in the middle of the child custody dispute.

A child testifying in child custody dispute may cause trauma

When divorcing couples cannot agree on matters related to child custody, even after mediation, they may need to resolve the issue through litigation. While a litigated child custody dispute is often an experience that is traumatizing for both parents, it can also leave a mark on the children. Massachusetts parents who are thinking of allowing a child to testify in court may want to carefully consider such a decision.

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