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Best interests of the child, the center of child custody issues

Divorcing is not an easy task, especially if there are children involved. In Worcester, Massachusetts, readers who have been through the process of marital dissolution are aware that divorce takes a toll on the emotions of the people involved, forcing them to make decisions that might haunt them once the divorce is final.

Valuing a family business in the event of divorce

As an equitable distribution state, Massachusetts requires that all properties and assets that are acquired during a marriage to be divided between spouses if they divorce. Fortunately, there are exceptions to this general rule; some assets are not considered marital property and can be retained by their original owner. These include heirlooms, gifts and inheritances that are maintained separately by their owner.

Jane Lynch's same-sex divorce finally settled

TV and movie actor Jane Lynch, more recently known for her comic part on the series "Glee," recently finalized her divorce from her wife of three and one-half years; both parties cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the termination of their marriage. The same-sex spouses' divorce was finalized January 8 when the pair reached a financial settlement. Lynch and her spouse, a child psychologist, married in Massachusetts in 2010 before moving to Los Angeles. The couple had met at a fundraising function in 2009.

Choosing divorce mediation for the children's sake

The custody battle that ended in a fatal tragedy is the worst news any parent in Worcester, Massachusetts, can experience. The story reported that a father caught in a bitter custody dispute with his ex-wife threw his son from a building and jumped afterwards. Now, the mother is left to grieve and says that she did not see it coming.

Attorneys say more women are paying child support

Almost four decades ago, the Supreme Court made clear that there should be no gender bias in assigning spousal support. While only three percent of the 400,000 people who received spousal support in 2010 were men, experts believe that number will steadily increase in the coming years and this could greatly impact families in Massachusetts. In fact, 47 percent of 1,600-member American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers say they have seen an increase in the number of women who now must pay alimony.

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