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June 2014 Archives

Child custody battle of mother who provides too much care

Most parents in Massachusetts have an overwhelming concern for the welfare of their children and would do anything to keep them from danger. Parents naturally attempt to provide any medical care their children need, although a mother in another state is accused of endangering her child through excessive medical care. She lost child custody of her son, who was placed in foster care.

Stay-at-home same-sex spouse has questions about alimony

A partner in a same-sex couple who is considering divorce recently asked a question about alimony. She wanted to know whether she would be eligible, and if she was, for how long would she receive alimony from her spouse. Same-sex couples in Massachusetts may be interested in the answer. She stated that, because of the special needs of their youngest child, she had only worked part-time in order to homeschool the child.

Child custody myths may puzzle divorcing couples in Massachusetts

Most divorces present multiple challenges to both spouses, and couples who are unable to work through contentious matters may find themselves fighting long and stressful battles. Issues such as child custody, child support and spousal support may bring out the worst in some individuals. It is not uncommon for Massachusetts individuals to be influenced by other people; however, every divorce is different, and most divorce myths are untrue.

Many Massachusetts couples take advantage of divorce mediation

Since Gwyneth Paltrow referred to her divorce as a conscious uncoupling, many people have responded that this is no new way of dissolving a marriage. As far back as 1976, a sociologist published a book on uncoupling relationships, writing about divorces that were jointly decided upon by both spouses. Massachusetts couples who are divorcing may want to consider the advantages of divorce mediation, which is a possible way of minimizing the negative consequences a divorce may have on a family.

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