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David Hasselhoff is dipping into retirement funds to pay alimony

When celebrities get divorced, their financial agreements are often aimed at allowing both parties to continue living the lifestyles to which they became accustomed during marriage. Alimony is typically based on the income of the higher-earning spouse -- among other things -- at the time of the divorce. However, as time passes, the income of the paying party may diminish, and the alimony obligation may become unaffordable. To reduce or stop alimony payments in Massachusetts, a petition must be filed in the court.

Divorce mediation may protect financial integrity of both parties

For some Massachusetts individuals, their divorces can be the most traumatic experiences of their lives. There are ways to prevent individuals from being overwhelmed by feelings of regret, loss, failure and resentment during the time leading up to the divorce and after the marriage is dissolved. The financial impact of a divorce can also cause distress, and many divorcing couples choose to utilize the process of divorce mediation to help them cope with emotional and financial issues in an amicable way and avoid negative impacts on their respective financial profiles.

Parenting plans: Parallel parenting vs co-parenting

The feelings of anguish, anger and pain experienced by some divorcing couples in Massachusetts can be overwhelming. Although acceptance may come over time, negative feelings may jeopardize their abilities to create parenting plans that would allow co-parenting without contention. With the help of a mediator, it may be possible to create a parallel parenting plan in those circumstances. This will limit the face-to-face contact between the parents, who can rely mostly on email communications.

What is the difference between spousal support and alimony?

When an individual in Massachusetts is considering -- or going through -- a divorce, there may be many questions related to the legal aspects of a divorce that need answers. In many cases, there is confusion about alimony and spousal support that are often believed to be one and the same. However, there is a distinct difference in that spousal support is an amount paid by one spouse to another during the time of separation leading up to the final divorce proceedings.

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