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A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

How can I avoid conflict with a co-parent over vacation plans?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Complex Child Custody |

Going on a family trip with your children is probably your most anticipated event of the winter season. As a divorced parent, you may want to ensure that your plans do not rub your ex the wrong way. It may come down to what your parenting plan says.

Parenting arrangements include rules for many eventualities, including holiday trips and vacations. Psychology Today explains how to minimize the chance that your co-parent will object to your planned winter vacation.

Check for court approval

Your parenting agreement probably has a lot to say about approving family vacations. One requirement may involve the courts. Some agreements allow parents to work out vacation plans by mutual agreement. However, your parenting plan might also have a clause requiring a court to grant permission for a vacation.

Check methods for making plans

Parenting agreements take many forms, so there is no set way to have co-parents work out a vacation or holiday schedule. Sometimes a plan just requires parents to agree to a vacation through texts or emails. However, other parenting agreements necessitate that both parents sign a document. In some cases, parents must have their documents notarized.

Get documented consent

Generally, it is good to write out your vacation plans and send them to your co-parent to receive approval. If your ex accepts, be sure that you get the approval in a form approved by your parenting agreement. You want to have proof that you had previously worked out plans with your co-parent if he or she later withdraws approval.

In general, these steps may help you plan a family vacation for any time of the year. You should not have to worry that your co-parent will have problems with you taking your children on a fun trip.