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May 2017 Archives

When can a child support order be terminated?

Providing for one's child is simply a parental responsibility. It is understandable, though, for one who is ordered to pay child support to wonder at what point this obligation will end. Every state has set certain guidelines regarding the termination of child support. Here is what Massachusetts laws have to say on the matter.

Will bill H.740 reform the Alimony Reform Act?

Massachusetts residents who divorced before the Alimony Reform Act took effect in March 2012 may still be paying spousal support to exes who, under new laws, would no longer qualify for the benefit. As wrong as that seems, the state Supreme Court has ruled that the wording in the Alimony Reform Act is written in a way that only protects those filing after it was passed and should not be applied retroactively. This could soon change, however.

Growing a nontraditional family through adoption

Many same-sex couples in Massachusetts want to grow their families but doing so may be a challenge. Trying to figure out the best way to go about it can be difficult. Adoption is a great way for a nontraditional family to increase in size. However, some couples may be worried that their sexual orientation may hurt their chances for adoption.

Increasing child support for medical issues

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, when a support amount is set by the court it is determined by one's circumstances at the time the order was requested. What happens, though, if there is a change in circumstances that effects the monetary needs for a child? Can a current child support order be modified?

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