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Child custody may prove contentious in same-sex divorce cases

While same-sex couples face similar stumbling blocks in their marriages as those faced by heterosexual couples, the legal obstacles are possibly more challenging. This is especially true when there are children involved in a same-sex divorce. Whether it is a couple in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriages are legal, or any other state, the legal challenges related to same-sex child custody are still many.

Are fathers' claims of biased child custody decisions justified?

While many fathers have accused family courts of being biased, Massachusetts residents may disagree. However, recent media reports have created a new awareness of this perception about the role of fathers when it comes to child custody. Modern parents often want to play equal parts in the lives of their children.

Significant fiscal change may validate child support modification

Many Massachusetts people find that high levels of stress and emotion go hand in hand with the divorce process. It is not uncommon for parties in a divorce to agree to anything in an attempt to get it over and done with. However, this may come back to bite them, as once a marital agreement is signed, it may not be easy to change it. One should try to push emotions aside when important decisions like child support, custody and spousal support are discussed.

Can't keep up with child support payments? Apply for modification

It is not uncommon for non-custodial parents to experience difficult financial situations that were not anticipated when child support orders were issued by the family court. Massachusetts parents whose financial situation has changed significantly and caused their inability to pay the full amount of child support may apply for a formal modification of an existing child support order. This may be worth noting because a willful failure to pay can result in severe penalties, sometimes many years later.

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