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August 2013 Archives

Teamwork favors the best interests of the child

Massachusetts parents know that good co-parenting will give their children the best chances for feeling loved and cared for. All the written and unwritten rules of parenting, however, serve only one important purpose: the best interests of the child. Parents must realize the importance of teamwork and be willing to set aside their differences in order to focus on the care of their children.

Despite DOMA, same-sex divorce remains a challenge for many

Despite the recent ruling by the Supreme Court on the Defense of Marriage Act, there are other legal challenges that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community has to face. Same-sex divorce remains a gray area in many state laws, even those that allow same-sex marriage. Residency and jurisdiction remains an obstacle for many same-sex spouses.

Time plays a key role in life after divorce

Marriage isn't only about the honeymoon. After the big day, there are many challenges a couple here in Worcester, Massachusetts, has to face. The children, work, finances and the in-laws are among those issues that married couples fight about during their marriage. While some grow stronger from these difficulties, many choose to resolve their differences through mediation or the divorce process.

Same-sex spouses' children affected by parenting and not gender

As is the case with most unions, questions regarding the well-being of the children often arise. Are they taken care of? Are their best interests considered? Same-sex spouses from Worcester, Massachusetts, are privy to these kinds of questions. And, often, they encounter one more very sensitive question: are children ultimately affected by the sexual orientation of their parents?

Mediation: taking the emotional charge out of divorce

Emotional turmoil is a profound part of divorce, and it often motivates partners more than the legal issues related to marital separation. As a consequence, divorcing couples often seek emotional justice from the court. Unfortunately, courts must concern themselves with legal remedies rather than emotions, which often results in divorcing couples ending up feeling deprived and cheated because the emotional distress remains unresolved.

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