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Being financially prepared for a divorce agreement may help

The divorce rate in the United States is significantly higher than what most people in Massachusetts might imagine. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a spouse in a deteriorating marriage to pay little attention to the financial impact a divorce might have. However, there are certain preparatory steps that can be taken prior to reaching a divorce agreement. Although a divorce may be amicable, unpleasant surprises can cause the situation to deteriorate quickly, leaving one spouse at a financial disadvantage.

Divorce mediation can reduce trauma of a divorce in your 20s

It is not uncommon for Massachusetts individuals who divorce in their early 20s to feel disillusioned. While you may want to get the divorce over and done with, your friends may be planning their own weddings. If there are no children yet, the divorce process may not be a long drawn out process of court battles. In fact, litigation may be avoided altogether if both spouses are willing to resolve existing issues through divorce mediation.

Is it time to update the nation's child support program?

The nation's child support program and enforcement of child support are being questioned by several stakeholders. Along with a lot of love and time, raising a child also requires money, making it extremely difficult for both custodial and noncustodial parents in the low-income groups. While current child support laws recognize the need for the support of both parents, courts nationwide, including in Massachusetts, sometimes order noncustodial parents to pay unrealistic amounts of child support.

Complex finances: How valuable is free advice from friends?

Going through a divorce or the ending of a non-marital relationship is naturally a traumatic time for most people. Some Massachusetts people may experience it as a life crisis, and they find it difficult to keep emotions from taking over when important decisions have to be made. The distress usually escalates when there are children involved, and their parents have to consider the children's best interests while addressing issues related to complex finances.

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