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January 2016 Archives

Divorce mediation offers platform for conflict resolution

Divorce mediation offers couples seeking a divorce in Massachusetts the power to take control of their post-divorce lives rather than having a family court judge make decisions without significant insight into the family's unique dynamics. When there are children involved, the important decisions to be made in the years ahead will be easier for parents who are able to maintain open channels of communication. Divorce mediation can lay a foundation for effective conflict resolution in the future. The compliance rate is said to be consistently higher in mediated settlements as compared to court-ordered settlements.

Custody dispute: Can DNA tests protect paternal rights?

To challenge or confirm paternity, DNA tests are typically used. Anyone in Massachusetts who is involved in a visitation or custody dispute in which paternity is questioned typically benefits from utilizing professional help to resolve such issues. A group is fighting for change in paternity laws in another state and provided two entirely different scenarios in which DNA testing made no difference.

Child support lawsuit against actor to proceed despite his death

Massachusetts readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was filed by former actress Melinda Naud against the late M*A*S*H actor Wayne Rogers in another state. The lawsuit, alleging failure to pay child support, was filed in Aug. 2013 and is reported to proceed against the actor's estate despite his recent death. According to court documents Naud and Rogers had a relationship from 1978 through 1985, during which time Naud became pregnant and gave birth to their son. Rogers married another woman in 1988 and apparently never revealed the existence of his son to his wife.

What if a child support order is unaffordable?

The Massachusetts family court calculates child support according to strict guidelines. However, in certain circumstances, the court may allow parents to negotiate a child support settlement that is different to what the court would award, and the request will have to be justified. If such negotiations take place, the focus must remain on the best interests of the child.

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