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What are the advantages of divorce mediation?

For any marriage to be dissolved, a lawsuit must be filed. However, the trauma associated with divorce may be greatly reduced if couples are able to avoid litigation. Many divorcing couples in Massachusetts fail to agree on some contentious aspects of their divorce. Divorce mediation may be the answer, and while it is sometimes ordered by a family court, couples may choose to avoid time-consuming, expensive and traumatic litigation by retaining the services of an experienced divorce mediator.

Adjusting to a visitation plan difficult for children and parent

Many Massachusetts parents who get divorced draft a parenting plan to schedule visitation in a way that would allow the non-custodial parent adequate time with his or her children in order to maintain a loving relationship. However, it is not uncommon for a non-custodial parent to move on and ignore scheduled visitation. When there are very young children involved and one parent remains absent, it may jeopardize his or her parental relationship.

Is your parenting and visitation plan no longer working?

Divorced parents in Massachusetts may have drafted parenting plans dictating how time is to be shared with their children during the holidays. However, it is inevitable that circumstances will change over time. Parents may become involved in new relationships or even remarry. There may be more children born, or stepchildren may come with a second marriage. These and many other aspects may make modifications to the existing parenting and visitation plan necessary.

Judge has final say in child custody and relocation cases

Relocating after a divorce when there are children involved could prove to be a complicated process and often turns out to be highly contentious. A parent, even one who has primary child custody, may not relocate without the consent of the other parent, who has the right to object. It is not uncommon for such child custody issues to be settled through negotiation, but many cases can only be resolved through litigation.

A friend says joint child custody never works. Is that true?

Many couples in Massachusetts who are considering divorce may have experienced the never-ending stream of advice from family or friends who also went through divorces. Such advice could cause high levels of anxiety, and couples may be wise to disregard negative opinions as the circumstances of each divorce are unique. Parents who are considering joint child custody should be especially wary of horror stories told by friends and family members as each set of parents should do what is in the best interest of their own children.

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