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Biology can dictate child custody between same-sex spouses

Same-sex divorce can be very complicated, if there are children involved. Child custody can be difficult to settle if one of the partners is a biological parent of the child or children and, although the other is not, has developed a close bond with the child.

Settling child custody through divorce mediation

Co-parenting aims to give both divorced spouses time with their child. It is best for the parents to come up with an amicable arrangement for everyone's sake, including for the sake of their child. Because the child is in the middle, it can be stressful because the divorced parents may have grown cold to each other and distant. In Worcester, Massachusetts, that scene is typical in many families that have experienced a divorce.

Obamacare and healthcare cost may impact alimony payments

Many Worcester readers may have heard about the study released last year that reported that many women lose healthcare insurance every year due to divorce. This may not be surprising because many households consist of women who are covered by their husband's employment health benefits and divorce may cause them to lose coverage. The cost of healthcare can particularly impact so-called gray divorces (divorces between spouses 50 and above). This factor may also bring financial strain to gray divorces, particularly to non-wage earners or to the spouse who earns less money.

Working toward cooperative co-parenting after divorce

The bonds between parents and children are usually considered everlasting. However, when parents decide to divorce, these parent-child bonds can be greatly strained, especially when both parents have different views about what is best for their children and how they want to raise them once a marriage has ended.

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