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May 2016 Archives

Surrogate mother will go to Superior Court for child custody

Whenever individuals in Massachusetts consider surrogacy, they must also carefully consider all eventualities related to it. All parties must be fully informed of the legalities of such an agreement, and it is not uncommon for those who rush into surrogacy to run into various problems that may even lead to litigation. A surrogate mother in another state is reportedly fighting for child custody of one or all of the triplets she carried and gave birth to in February.

Can an online divorce produce a legal divorce agreement?

Divorces used to involve a court battle in which – in many cases -- two spouses had their private affairs publicized and their futures determined by a judge who had little insight into the dynamics of the family. Fortunately, other options are available, and divorcing couples in Massachusetts can have some control over important decisions and reach a divorce agreement. However, in cases in which spouses are unwilling to provide financial information, have conflicting personalities or when one spouse refuses to divorce, litigation may be the only suitable option to secure a divorce.

Reaching a divorce agreement in a gray divorce may be difficult

The rising number of divorces of older couples in Massachusetts and other states is the subject of many media speculations. It is said that one-quarter of marriages of couples older than 50 years of age end in divorce. Regardless of whether that is an accurate figure or not, the fact remains that many older spouses decide that marriage is no longer what they want. It is also a fact that assets accumulated over many years of marriage may make it difficult to reach a divorce agreement without the help of a third party such as a divorce mediator.

Alimony: Woman in same-sex relationship challenges family law

The interpretation of laws related to same-sex relationships is still a matter of confusion and uncertainty in many states. One of the issues that raises many questions involves spousal support, also known as alimony. Massachusetts same-sex couples may want to consult with attorneys who are experienced in applicable family law whenever they encounter issues to which no definite answers are yet available.

Child custody: Shared parenting may stop parental alienation

Imagine a situation in which a Massachusetts parent has to choose between two children. Most parents would say that it would be an impossible choice to make; however, those same parents might be those who expect their children to choose between two parents in the event of a divorce. Child custody is always an emotional issue that often includes conflict and contention. Sadly, children are frequently traumatized by the struggles of parents to come to terms with a divorce.

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