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December 2016 Archives

Massachusetts recognizes 4 different types of alimony

In some divorce cases, though not all, one party may be awarded spousal support. Alimony payments, also referred to as spousal support, will be different in every situation, as certain factors are used to determine the support amount and duration of payments. The state of Massachusetts actually recognizes four types of alimony. Information about the different types of alimony will be the focus of this week's article.

Laws regarding same-sex divorce

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, the increase in same-sex marriages over the last couple years has been accompanied by an influx in same-sex divorces. It is to be expected. No marriage is perfect, and divorce is sometimes the best answer when a marriage fails to thrive. How a same-sex divorce is handled has changed dramatically over the years. This column will address law changes affecting same-sex divorce cases.

Seek a child support adjustment rather than face jail time

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, there are numerous non-custodial parents who are behind on their child support payments. It happens, and when it does, custodial parents have the right to pursue enforcement options in an effort to collect. One form of enforcement is pursuing criminal charges which can result in jail time. In order to avoid such consequences, one may be able to seek a child support adjustment in order to help them stay current in their payments.

Garnishing wages is a form of child support enforcement

There are numerous custodial parents or legal guardians in the state of Massachusetts who may find collecting monetary support from non-custodial parents to be a challenging task. Thankfully, the state offers various enforcement options to help with this particular child support issue. In this week's column, the enforcement option that will be discussed is the garnishment of wages.

Dissolving domestic partnerships can be a challenge

Living together as domestic partners is a choice many couples in Massachusetts make. There are certainly advantages to this; however, when things do not work out, there are some disadvantages as well. Dissolving domestic partnerships can be challenging. In many states, those involved often lack the same legal protections granted married couples.

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