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September 2014 Archives

What should same-sex spouses consider when starting a family?

While the legal wheels related to lesbian and gay equality are slowly turning, many same-sex couples in Massachusetts wish to start a family by ways of conception rather than adoption. In addition to adopting the child of another couple, same-sex spouses have other options available. Lesbian couples typically have to find a sperm donor -- either by personally finding a donor or by using a bank where the sperm of anonymous donors are kept. One spouse may become pregnant and give birth to the baby while, to protect her legal rights as a parent, the other spouse may adopt the child as a second parent or stepparent.

Parenting plans can ensure continued parent-child relationships

Massachusetts parents who are considering divorce may experience anxiety over the drafting of parenting plans. It is not uncommon for parents to wonder whether both parents will make joint decisions, or whether one parent will have the authority to make a final decision in cases where they disagree. Couples may find comfort knowing that they need not draft parenting plans on their own, as the services of experienced legal professionals can provide the necessary support to achieve a binding and fair agreement.

Alimony in Massachusetts divorce has many aspects to consider

It is not uncommon for couples who are considering divorce to have little or no knowledge of matters such as spousal support. If it is their first divorce, couples may have only the experiences of friends and family by which to go. However, the circumstances of every Massachusetts divorce is different, and it may be beneficial to consult with professional advisors to obtain a full understanding of how alimony laws will be applied in their case.

A divorce agreement may impact the remainder of your life

Couples that get married are naturally very much in love, and most expect to live happily ever after. However, many marriages fail to stand the test of modern times, and couples decide to get divorced and go their separate ways. While some Massachusetts couples manage to remain amicable throughout the divorce process, others have lost the ability to communicate and often want to get the divorce over and done with in the shortest possible amount of time. However, various aspects may need careful consideration before signing a divorce agreement.

May my ex-spouse pay alimony in a lump sum rather than monthly?

Residents of Massachusetts who depend on alimony payments for survival may suffer anxiety because they are not always sure whether they will receive their monthly alimony payments. If your ex-spouse has the means to settle the alimony in a lump sum, it may benefit both parties. If your former spouse agrees to pay alimony in a lump sum, approval of the court presiding over the divorce may be required.

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