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Can I seek alimony post divorce?

It is not uncommon for Massachusetts residents to rush through the divorce process. In doing so, things may be left out of the final dissolution settlement that would help one in post-divorce life -- such as alimony. If one's divorce judgment failed to address spousal support, it may still be possible to achieve it with a post-decree alimony request. 

When parenting plans involve staying in the family home

When getting a divorce, the last thing most couples think of doing is staying in the family home together when all is said and done. However, a new trend in family law circles involves parenting plans that keep the kids and parents living on the same property together to make things easier on the children. Wondering what that looks like? A number of divorcing couples in Massachusetts may want to know how or if this could work for them.

Same-sex spouses may need help with second-parent adoptions

In Massachusetts, same-sex marriages have been recognized for several years now. A big struggle many same-sex spouses still have, though, is gaining rights to their own children. Biologically speaking, the child may only really belong to one parent, or from an adoption standpoint, the adoption may only have been awarded to one spouse. It doesn't matter if both spouses raise the child; in the eyes of the law, the child may only have one parent. If you find yourself wanting to have any legal rights to the child you share with your same-sex spouse, you will likely need to go through with a second-parent adoption. 

When you want a child support adjustment but your ex does not

Following a divorce or separation that involves children, one parent is likely to be ordered to pay child support. That order of support will stand until either the affected children reach adulthood or a child support adjustment is sought. If only one parent wants to change up the terms of a support order, he or she must file the appropriate motion in a Massachusetts court.

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