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Child support: Negotiate to get extras included in settlement

Massachusetts couples who are considering divorce will likely be prepared for a significant change in their respective finances. For this reason, many people plan their post-divorce finances timely to serve their unique needs. Along with budgeting and working out ways to limit expenses and boost income, help may be available from public benefits or food banks. Those who will receive child support will have several aspects that will need planning.

Child custody: Litigation is traumatic for all concerned parties

Some divorcing couples in Massachusetts are able to reach amicable agreements on contentious issues. In many cases, this is achieved with the help of divorce mediators. However, the circumstances of families vary, and in some cases, the only option is litigation. This often involves a conflict over child custody, and it takes careful navigation to avoid bitter fights that may adversely affect a child.

Parenting plans: Can Birdnesting be the answer?

For many Massachusetts couples who know that their marriages are over, the prospect of divorce is overwhelming. Parents sometimes stay together in toxic relationships because they cannot imagine putting their children through the trauma of divorce and the many changes it will bring about. Fortunately, there are many different options for post-divorce parenting plans, and most can be tailored to suit the dynamics of the family.

Divorce mediation: Should the family home be sold or not?

Regardless of how amicable a divorce is, it is never easy. There are many important decisions to make at a time when emotions are likely in turmoil, some of them detrimental to post-divorce financial stability. Along with child custody issues, deciding what to do about the family home may be one of the more complex issues to resolve. Many Massachusetts couples opt to reach resolution through divorce mediation.

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