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November 2014 Archives

Frozen embryos may provide same-sex spouses with their own child

While freezing embryos remain the subject of many debates about the ethics of this practice, it provides many couples with an opportunity to have a child of their own when they have not been able to otherwise. Many women who cannot conceive a child yearn for the experience of carrying and giving birth to a baby. Same-sex spouses in Massachusetts who want to start a family may also want to consider this option.

Prenup agreements may protect the interests of same-sex spouses

Talking about death and divorce on the eve of a marriage would likely be unpleasant and awkward, regardless of whether it is a heterosexual or a same-sex couple. However, these matters need to be discussed in order to protect the interests of both parties and any children they may have in the future. Prenuptial agreements may be of particular interest to same-sex spouses in Massachusetts.

Is it possible to have a child custody order modified?

Divorced parents in Massachusetts may find that unanticipated changes to their new, separate lives have brought about the need to modify child custody orders. While it is not uncommon for circumstances to change, a family court will not typically consider trivial reasons for child custody modifications. The best interests of the child will remain the primary consideration, and interruptions to the well-being of the child will have to be properly motivated.

Divorce mediation may make your divorce affordable

Couples in Massachusetts that are considering divorce may be concerned about the conflicts that may arise. However, in the current economic climate, many couples may be looking for a way to limit the expenses of the divorce proceedings. Litigation is often the most expensive part of a divorce. Couples that are able to communicate in an open and honest manner may find the assistance of an attorney who is also experienced in divorce mediation the best way to resolve all issues.

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