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September 2012 Archives

Mitt Romney's comments to same-sex spouses seen as insensitive

New reports have detailed an uncomfortable meeting between Mitt Romney and several same-sex spouses in Massachusetts. According to the reports, Romney met with several plaintiffs in 2004 who were involved with the landmark case, Goodridge vs. Dept of Public Health, which legalized gay marriage in the state of Massachusetts.

What to do about insurance policies after a divorce?

A massage therapist from Boston recently experienced the complexities of property division while going through her divorce. She quickly learned that martial property included insurance plans, not just artwork and bank accounts. At first, her ex-husband allowed for a time limit to be put on her health coverage, added costs and put in an option that could have her removed from the plan without warning.

How do trusts work in a Massachusetts divorce?

Let's talk about trusts. What role might they play in a Massachusetts divorce? And is a trust considered marital property to be divided among the divorcing spouses? Well, the answer depends.

Massachusetts child custody dispute results in abduction

Divorce is rarely an easy process to go through, but it can be even more difficult when the couple share children. Some Massachusetts parents can't imagine being separated from their children and each may want full physical custody. At other times, one parent may use the children as wedge or a weapon to get back at their ex-spouse. In most cases, both parents want to do what is right, although they may have different opinions on what that might be.

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