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November 2015 Archives

Divorce mediation can lower the costs of a divorce

Some individuals in Massachusetts may put off filing for divorce because of the high costs that are typically associated with these proceedings. Although the cost of a divorce depends on the particular circumstances, the ability of the spouses to communicate and compromise can drastically lower divorce-related expenses in many cases. One option to prevent skyrocketing legal fees is to choose divorce mediation over litigation.

Iron chef Cat Cora battles for child custody in same-sex divorce

Massachusetts readers may be interested to learn that celebrity chef Cat Cora, who was the first female Iron Chef star, and her wife Jennifer recently announced the end of their marriage. Just like heterosexual marriages, not all same-sex marriages last forever. It was reported that things between the two started going wrong after Cat was arrested for drunk driving two years ago, and, with children involved, their same-sex divorce could become complicated.

Tax deductions can impact on finances after a divorce

While every divorce has its unique issues to be navigated, certain aspects are to be addressed in all divorces. One of those is how tax deductions will be handled after the divorce. Massachusetts residents who are considering divorce may want to research the various tax aspects that are associated with divorce because it will certainly impact on their post-divorce finances.

Divorce mediation can help with dividing sentimental posessions

It is often the possessions to which divorcing spouses in Massachusetts have strong sentimental attachments that cause the most personal trauma and even contention in divorce proceedings. Each spouse may find they are able to list monetary assets and agree on how that must be divided, but when it comes to a favorite painting or antique rocking chair, it may prove more difficult, and divorce mediation may resolve the issue. If a couple cannot come to mutual agreements, thereby necessitating a litigated divorce, they must be prepared to accept the manner in which a judge decides to divide their property.

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