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What if court ordered child support is not paid?

When a Massachusetts couple with children considers divorce, many different factors will each play a part in the planning. In most cases, child support will form a vital part in the post-divorce welfare of the children. Although there are child support guidelines to assist a parent in estimating the amount of child support the court may order, it is not guaranteed income. The U.S. Census Bureau report for 2011 indicated that one-third of court-ordered child support was never collected by custodial parents, and almost half of court-ordered child support payments were not made in full.

Child custody: Post-divorce modification assistance is available

As life goes on after a divorce, circumstances change. Child custody, parenting and visitation agreements reached during a divorce when children were still toddlers may need to be reconsidered as they turn into teenagers. Educational and personal expenses of teenagers typically increase as they grow older and develop different fields of interest. When divorced parents in Massachusetts re-visit matters that formed part of the divorce decree, modifications must be authorized by the court.

Custody dispute: Sherri Shepherd rejects legal obligation re baby

Massachusetts couples who are considering using alternative methods of having children will need to consider the potential legal issues that may arise in the future. The infamous case of the comedienne and ex-host of The View, Sherri Shepherd, and her former husband, Lamar Sally, is a case in point. The former couple chose to use a surrogate mother to carry a child for them. This ongoing battle involves a child support and custody dispute with a twist -- Shepherd denies any biological connection to the baby.

Child custody: Unmarried fathers may want to establish paternity

When a child is born to an unmarried mother in Massachusetts, the father's rights may depend on the strength of his relationship with the mother. A woman recently sought advice about the parental rights of her son, who purportedly impregnated his now former girlfriend. Their relationship ended, and the former girlfriend now claims her current boyfriend is the child's father. If paternity is proved, the first boyfriend may seek visitation, or in a case in which the mother is deemed unfit, he may petition for child custody.

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