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July 2015 Archives

Massachusetts parents seek updated child custody laws

Different groups in about 20 states, including some in Massachusetts, are calling for updated child custody laws. Many believe that the current child custody laws have not kept up with modern family dynamics. Upon inspiration of a state working group, a new bill was proposed. The National Parents Organization in Boston says a new bill would benefit both parents and children by allowing noncustodial parents more time with their children.

Griner and Johnson -- will it be same-sex divorce or annulment?

Massachusetts readers may be interested in a court battle in another state that may set a precedent in same-sex divorce cases. This case involves Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner, two women who would likely prefer to make headlines for their prowess as WNBA players rather than the airing of their same-sex divorce issues. After a marriage of only 28 days, the two basketball players wanted to end it, but they had different ideas on how to do that.

Unmarried fathers may successfully obtain child custody

Unmarried fathers in Massachusetts and other states have rights, but many find it difficult to have those rights recognized. An unmarried father in another state shared his struggle to be awarded custody of his child after the mother gave the child up for adoption. He was ultimately awarded child custody, but it was a road full of stumbling blocks.

How will the recent Supreme Court ruling affect same-sex spouses?

Although Massachusetts has been at the forefront of marriage equality for many years, the Supreme Court ruled on June 26 that all states must recognize the rights of same-sex couples to get married. Marriages that were performed in other states joining same-sex spouses must be honored. However, before leaping into a marriage, both parties may want to familiarize themselves with the financial and legal consequences.

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