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March 2018 Archives

Not receiving your alimony payments?

You went through the divorce process. As part of your settlement, your ex was ordered to pay alimony to you for a set period of time. He or she made payments for a few months and then they stopped. If you are not receiving your court-ordered spousal support, the state of Massachusetts allows you to utilize enforcement options in order to get paid.

What divorce mediation really is

Thinking about divorce? Only hearing horrible things about the whole process? Guess what? It does not have to be as bad as others make it sound. There may be a way for divorcing couples in Massachusetts to get through it without going to court and spending an absolute fortune, and that way is known as divorce mediation.

Problems at the DOR causing child support issues

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has been in the press quite a bit lately -- and not for anything good. Not only did a data breach occur, affecting 39,000 business owners, but an issue in the system has also caused the department to fail in delivering child support payments this year to a number of parents who are supposed to be receiving such funds. Here is what is known about these issues thus far.

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