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Is divorce mediation suitable for all divorcing couples?

Nothing about a divorce is easy. However, there are ways in which the process can be made less traumatic, less costly and less time consuming. However, it will require the willingness of both spouses to communicate in a peaceful manner and even compromise when necessary. Solutions for contentious issues can be sought with the guidance of an impartial Massachusetts mediator to facilitate divorce mediation.

Single mom and dad compare child custody -- inequalities prevalen

Recently, there have been multiple discussions about equal parenting after divorce in Massachusetts. Many believe joint child custody should be the norm rather than the exception; others are concerned that this may -- in the majority of the cases -- not be in the best interests of the children. A divorced woman recently compared the roles of single mothers as opposed to single fathers after she married a divorced father. They were both divorced with children for seven years before this marriage and compared notes about their times as single parents.

Will a child's wishes be considered at a child custody hearing?

Family courts nationwide, including here in Massachusetts, tend to favor co-parenting if it will be in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, some divorces are contentious, and in many cases, bitter child custody battles ensue. The court will generally award custody to the parent deemed capable of providing proper care for the child. However, many factors are considered before the suitability of a parent is determined.

The best interests of a child a primary focus of child custody

The best interests of children are the primary concerns of family courts nationwide, including in Massachusetts. However, it is not always clear how courts resolve these issues in child custody disputes. The specific facts are looked at in all cases, of course. Because each case is unique, many additional factors may also be considered.

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