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February 2019 Archives

Child support is negotiable

You are going through a divorce and you have children. You just want to make sure your kids have what they need going forward and the state of Massachusetts agrees with you, which is why there is a basic calculation for determining how much child support should be paid in any given divorce case. Did you know that the number received from that calculation is just the floor amount of what you may have to pay or what you may receive? Child support beyond this base amount is negotiable.

More people are choosing divorce mediation over litigation

Divorce litigation is not a thing of the past, as numerous individuals in Massachusetts still need to go to court to resolve certain issues regarding their dissolution settlements. However, more people are choosing to forgo litigation and are turning to divorce mediation to end their marriages. Why?

Can an alimony order be changed or canceled?

Following a divorce, it is not completely uncommon for one party to need spousal support to help him or her get back on his or her feet financially. The state of Massachusetts allows the awarding of alimony, usually on a temporary basis. After an alimony order is issued, one might think that it will be in place as is written until the term is up. The truth is, these plans can be modified or even canceled under the right circumstances.

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