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Many marriages may be saved with professional conflict resolution

Not all marriages fit in the happily-ever-after category. In many marriages, there are seemingly insignificant differences between spouses that may ultimately grow into contention and even cause couples to file for divorce. However, Massachusetts couples may find comfort in learning that experienced divorce attorneys may assist them in finding suitable divorce mediators to facilitate a conflict resolution that may be able to save their marriages.

Legal assistance may be helpful when discussing alimony

Laws about spousal support or alimony differ from state to state, and after the Alimony Reform Act of 2011 was enacted in Massachusetts, divorcing couples may have questions about alimony and how it affects them. Under the reform act, alimony may form part of a couple's negotiations when drawing up their separation agreement, and it also allows modifications to existing obligations. Alimony is sometimes awarded to equalize the disparity between the incomes of divorcing spouses.

Progress gives more equality to same-sex spouses

Massachusetts people who are part of the LGBT community have long been allowed to marry and divorce same-sex spouses. They are treated in the same manner as heterosexual couples when property is divided and in matters related to child custody. Now, even federal laws are slowly but surely being used to accommodate same-sex spouses. In fact, since the fall of the Defense of Marriage Act, as many as 1,138 protections and laws now apply to non-traditional couples.

Alan Grayson claims joint child custody is not working

When high-profile couples decide to go their separate ways, it is not uncommon for breakups to be highly contentious. Massachusetts readers may be aware of the bitter fight involving the U.S. Representative Alan Grayson and his former wife. The couple agreed to an annulment after it came to light that his wife Lolita was never divorced from a former husband when she married Grayson in 1990. In an ongoing legal fight, filled with hostility, Alan Grayson recently filed a claim to obtain child custody of their four minor children.

Considerations for same-sex spouses when contemplating adoption

It is only natural for couples in loving relationships to consider starting a family, regardless of whether they are heterosexual or same-sex couples. Adoption is one of the options available for same-sex spouses, and it is reported that many of the estimated two million LGBT adults wanting children nationwide are considering adoption. However, this is not a decision to be rushed, as several matters need careful consideration and an understanding of applicable Massachusetts family laws.

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