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Shared custody issues? Mediation may help

Child custody issues are pretty prominent in many divorce cases. For parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere, deciding what is best for their children can be a challenge. Shared custody can be a good thing for all involved, but problems in figuring out how it will work can occur. If you find yourself struggling to come to an agreement regarding shared custody, mediation may be able to help.

Have a gifted child? Get more in child support

Providing for children can be a challenging task. It is one thing to meet basic needs; it is a whole other ball game to provide the funds necessary to support extras, such as special talents. In Massachusetts, the amount of child support ordered is determined by a number of factors -- specifically the number of children requiring support and the payor's net income. However, it may be possible for custodial parents to request more financial support in order to help pay for approved extras.

Can alimony be adjusted after a divorce is finalized?

Figuring out finances after a divorce can be challenging. Many individuals in Massachusetts may be eligible to receive alimony, which can certainly help them stay on their feet as they work to rebuild their lives. There are times, though, after a divorce is finalized, that the payer or recipient may question whether the amount of alimony the court ordered can be changed.

Interfering with parenting plans can lead to a custody dispute

Sticking with ordered custody arrangements post divorce or separation can be a challenge sometimes. Things come up, and every now and then there may be need to be flexible with parenting plans. This, however, is very different than one parent purposely interfering with the other's scheduled parenting time. Doing so will, understandably, lead to a custody dispute -- one that parents in Massachusetts may have to go to court to resolve.

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